Why is capacity a problem at Crosthwaite camp site !

We have had many Questions in terms of adding capacity.

We have to apply for planning Permission that specifically require us to return the farmers field to the Agricultural state they are in prior to Camp.

The following is the detail.

The campsite is set on two farmers’ fields that we rent for the duration of the Convention each year. The rest of the year the fields are used to graze sheep. In addition one of these is a site of archeological interest. We have to return the fields with as little impact as possible, so that they can be returned to their normal use and we will be able to rent them in future years.

We also have to rent in toilets and shower units. The greater the number of campers the greater the pressure oh these limited facilities. We also have to bear on mind the ratio of campers to these facilities.

In order to minimise the impact of cars on the fields we also operate a “ once off, stay off” policy. This means that we don’t allow cars to drive on and off the fields each day, but request that when you drive your car off the field you park it in the car park until you need to drive it back onto the field to pick and leave. There are limited car park spaces in the car park. The greater the number of campers, the greater the pressure on car park spaces.

We keep a running total of pitches and campers and are at capacity for both.

We hope this helps to explain why the number of campers we can accommodate is important as well as the number of pitches we are able to offer. If everyone added extra campers to their pitches it would stretch our capacity.