What type of campsite is Crosthwaite?

  • Crosthwaite is self-catering only.
  • It’s suitable for all ages from the very old to the very young.
  • It is a family campsite with people returning year after year.
  • You may make friends who become lifelong friends.
  • The campsite is run to support the three Keswick Convention weeks. People attend a wide range of meetings each week, depending on their needs and interests.
  • It will probably rain at some point in the week!

What do I need to bring for the week?

We had such a lovely time at your camp this year we would all like to return next year

  • The tent (Don’t forget the poles, pegs and a big hammer!)
  • Camping chair and table
  • Tent lights
  • Good sleeping bags, pillows and an airbed or similar
  • Catering equipment (Did you pack the gas?)
  • Washing up equipment and tea towels (There are no centralised washing up facilities.)
  • Waterproofs and wellies (And yes when it rains, it really rains)
  • You may want to bring your own solar charger or use your own car charger
  • Toiletries and a towel
  • Basic First Aid kit

Can I camp with my friends?

Some groups and families like to camp together. We do our best to give you what you ask at time of booking.

What if I want to bring a friend or guest for a few extra nights?

Overnight visitors must be notified in advance and their fees must be paid to the Camp Manager.

When can I arrive?

We really appreciated everything that the team did to make the campsite so welcoming.

Please arrive on Saturday between 1.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m.

The site manager, or part of the team, will meet you and show you to your pitch. You will be allocated a specific numbered pitch.

The site team will show you all the key facilities and provide you with a site map. They will help you find your pitch.

We provide complementary refreshments in the campsite marquee on arrival.

Convention handbooks are available at the campsite marquee when you get here. The Convention handbook gives you the details of meetings, seminars, youth and kids clubs so you can arrange your own timetable of meeting and holiday activities to provide the refreshment and relaxation that you need.

What happens if I wish to arrive later than the normal Saturday arrival?

If you do want to arrive late or on another day, just add a note with your booking.

What happens if I am delayed?

Call the camp phone on 07971 699305

When do I need to vacate the site?

On Saturday your pitch must be vacated by 10:00.

What do I need to know about bringing my car?

All those extras we brought, including my sister’s family, were most appreciative of all your hard work & the way you run the site firmly, kindly, warmly, in a Godly manner.

When you arrive you bring the car onto the field to unload. To protect the farmers’ fields we always like to keep vehicle movements to a minimum, so when you take your car off the field we kindly ask you to keep it off.

After the Sunday morning service at Crosthwaite Church the cars can be parked in the school car park by the Potaloos.

On the field and the lane we operate a 5mph speed limit at all times.

No cars are allowed to come on the field between 11pm and 8am except by arrangement.

Do you have any camping tips, I have never camped before?

  • If you don’t know where to start ask the site staff who can give advice.
  • Pitch about 2 metres away from the any other tent.
  • Pitch in open spaces away from trees.
  • When pitching make sure that the outer fly sheet doesn’t touch the inner tent
  • Pitch safely and properly. Be sure pegging and guy ropes are firm.
  • Close your tent when you leave, Keswick weather changes fast.
  • Tents are like sound boxes, at night, your neighbours can hear almost every word of your pillow talk.
  • Freezer packs: bring your own with your name clearly marked. You can refreeze them in the campsite freezer.
  • Please turn your lights out at 11pm, so that everyone can get a comfortable quiet night’s sleep.
  • The weather can change quickly in the Lake District, pack for everything from blazing sunshine to chilly, wet winds.

What facilities can I find in town?

There are two supermarkets and a wide range of bakers, butchers and vegetable shops.

There is a market on Saturdays and Thursdays with fresh vegetables.

The town has a vast range of cafes and restaurants to cater for every taste and purse.

There are two launderettes in town that provide a very efficient service.

There are many camping accessory shops, although there are fewer shops that will sell you a large tent on the spot. Most large tents are sold over the internet, so please don’t expect to buy a large tent in Keswick on your arrival day.

What will my pitch be like?

Please remember the site is used as a sheep field the rest of the year, so please don’t expect a neatly manicured caravan campsite.

Your pitch will be marked out. You will be allocated a numbered pitch on arrival.

The camp fields are in a flood risk area. In case of flooding, emergency contact numbers are shown at the entrance gates and instructions will be given by the site team.

There is no mains hook up on the field.

We provide drinking water standpipes local to your pitch.

In the mornings the fields can be very wet from the dew, wellies, crocs or boots help to keep your feet dry.

You are responsible for the safe and good housekeeping on your pitch. Which means we ask you to keep your fire bucket full and leave the pitch clean, tidy and remove your rubbish at the end of the week.

When siting your tent please give adequate space to your neighbours and we advise a 2m gap.

Do you have any advice on how to Put up my tent and tow my caravan?

If you are towing for the first time , please check that your licence allows you to tow a caravan. Regulations changed the 1 January 1997. If you are not sure please read these guidelines.

Guides – Camping

How to pitch your New Tent
How to put up a Large Family Tent
Beginners Camping Set – A Race to put the tea on
How to pack a away a Tent
Family camping tips
How to Reproof a Tent

Guides – Caravan

Pre trip Tips
Towing Techniques
How to Level your Caravan
Setup your caravan on arrival
Caravan Fridge Basics
How to erect an awning
Leisure Batteries
All you need to know about chemical toilets

Guides – Travelling

Highways England
Keswick Weather (subject to the local school systems working)

I’m bringing my dog, is there anything special I need to know?

Good dogs are welcome. Always on a short lead (2m max) when on the camp and dogs must not go on the school fields.

What is a typical day on the camp site like?

The evening sing-songs/fellowship at the marquee were lovely too – even though we didn’t always go along to it, it was lovely to hear the singing from our tent.

The Convention handbook will give you details of meetings and children and youth work. In addition there are a few things which make Crosthwaite Campsite special. Here’s what at day in the life of a Crosthwaite camper might look like:

8:15 – some of us meet for a short thought and pray for the different activities throughout the day. (8.30 Sunday)

7:30 – 10:00 – the showers are open (mornings week 2 / 3 only – no mornings week 1).

10:30 onwards the main meetings and children and youth work take place.

Afternoons are free to enjoy all that the Lake District has to offer: a trip on the lake, a cheeky ice cream or a hike up Cat Bells.

5:00 – 7:00 – the showers open (Week 1 evenings only).

5:00 – 6:30 – the showers open (Week 2&2).

7:00 – the evening meetings begin.

9:40 – campers can join together in the marquee for a catch up about the day over a hot chocolate.

Where can my children play?

Thought the campsite was great and the on-site people very helpful.

There is an area with a selection of toys in the designated area of the main field. Also during wet weather, use of the campsite marquee is allowed. You are welcome to use this whenever you like, but children must not be left unattended and are their parent?s or carer?s responsibility.

There are some cordoned off areas marked by hazard tape. If a ball or similar goes into these areas please ask the site manager for assistance.

We ask all campers to look out for each other. Parents and carers must look after their children.

I want to bring a youth group. Is there anything in addition to a normal booking that I need to know?

Youth Groups are the responsibility of their leaders. Youth leaders must have current DBS certificates and cannot make a booking for a Youth Group without a valid DBS registration.

Can I have a Barbecue?

BBQs are allowed, but always off the ground. Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning. No camp fires are allowed.

Keep your fire buckets full.

Are there any restricted areas around the site?

School Fields always are strictly out of bounds.

Cordoned off areas should be observed.

Neighbouring property, especially the allotment, are out of bounds.

Directions to Camp

The camp is situated just off the B5289, about 1 mile North West of Keswick Town Centre, on farm fields next to Crosthwaite Church :  see mapIt is best not to travel via Keswick Town Centre, owing to congestion. Instead, leave the A66 north-west of the town, and travel via Crosthwaite Road, right along High Hill, then right into Church Lane. (Do not attempt to travel along Vicarage Hill, which is very narrow). Turn left at the end of Church Lane, and proceed slowly (5mph max) to the camp entrance.

Is there a delivery address for the campsite?

Deliveries to the Campsite: Campsite nearest postcode CA12 5QG Delivery contact; Site Duty Manager phone +44(0)7971 699305

What facilities does the Camp Provide?

The toilets were always lovely and clean and stocked. We thought the site was lovely and spacious and not over occupied, leaving amply space between pitches worked well.

Showers: We rent Single sex communal showers from the school next to the fields. They are open in the morning and the late afternoon. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the field to the showers.

You will need your own Toiletries and Towels.

We ask you to respect the privacy of others by not taking camera phones into the showers. The school have also stipulated that you should not plug any hair dryers, hair straighteners, Razors, Phones or similar into the School sockets as the school has not tested them.

Mobile Phones: there is a device charging station in the campsite marquee.
There are no electric hook-ups and no battery charging facilities on site.

Toilets: separate Toilet blocks are rented for the duration of the camp. they are provided for men and women. Shaving points are provided in the men’s.
The toilets sinks are not to be used for washing up pots, pans, plates or dishes.

Chemical toilet disposal point: adjacent to the toilet blocks. Restricted access.
Children must not play in the vicinity.

Rubbish waste: please use a tied bin bag and put it in the general waste large wheelie bin. Recycling: glass, cans, paper, cardboard and plastic can be put in the marked wheelie bins by the toilets. Other recycling facilities can be found in the town on Otley Road.

WIFI: We provide Limited, slow internet on the field. This is not available in all areas of the camp. The speed is 30mb/s shared between all users. This connection is via the school network, and is subject to School Security measures, which will result in Blocked VPN and email port connections. The camp is are unable to change these restrictions. The Camp is unable to guarantee an internet connection via the school network.

Electric Hook UP: The mains supply provide from the school is insufficient to supply Mains hook up. there have been many request for a connection. We do not see that this is feasible in the force able future. under Planning regulations, we are not aloud to operate a generator on site to provide this service

Can I bring a generator and operate it on Camp?

The Camp policy is not to have any generators on site. This is in line with our planning application on environmental grounds.

We strongly recommend that the lower cost solution of using a solar Panel

This will comprise a Solar Panel, A Charger control, and set of leads. Kits can be obtained from many mainstream Internet suppliers

Can I fly a drone or kite on site?

No. Flying devices or similar on site are not allowed

What type of security is there on Site?

The Camp Does not operate a formal Security system on site.

Our site has standard farmer’s fences and gates. We do daily HSE inspections, as agreed with Keswick Ministries.

We have a very friendly arrangement with the local community police officer who visits the site during the convention.

Fire buckets are provided.

We shall be issuing all campers with wristbands to identify legitimate campers on the site.

Like any tent or caravan site, you are responsible for your pitch.

Look after your belongings and equipment and keep your area clean and tidy.

Please tell one of the site managers if there are any problems or if you see strangers on the field.

Always lock your cars when unattended.

No responsibility whatsoever is taken by Crosthwaite Campsite for your personal belongings.


We want you to enjoy Crosthwaite Camp and the Keswick Convention. We?re always pleased to have your comments and suggestions for improvements. Email us: Secretary@crosthwaitecamp.org.uk

Welcome Sheets and information

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Crosthwaite Campsite Showering Policy 2017 Rev 3

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