The Convention

Details of the 2019 Programme Can be found on the following Page

We had an excellent time at Keswick, this was our first time at the campsite and it definitely enhanced the week

The dates for the 2019 Convention are:

Week 1: 13 – 19 July
John Risbridger

Week 2: 20 – 26 July
Vaughan Roberts

Week 3: 27 July – 2 August
Ray Ortlund

The desire for a greater knowledge of God captivated those who founded the Keswick Convention.

And we are glad to return to that in 2019 with our theme of “Longing”.

Longing is part of being Human. We have thoughts, we have desires. We are not just thinkers, but lovers. That’s how God made us and he made us for himself. So when our desires lead us astray it doesn’t mean that desire is wrong, rather that we are longing for the wrong things. Ultimately whether we know it or not our longing is for Him

The Keswick Convention is the main event organised annually by Keswick Ministries and has been taking place since 1875. It offers something for everyone – life-changing Bible teaching, uplifting worship and great fellowship combined with the chance to relax and enjoy a holiday in the wonderful setting of the Lake District in the UK.
The great attraction of the Keswick Convention is that the programme not only offers superb Bible teaching from a team of acclaimed international speakers – but also gives you the flexibility to enjoy time off with family and friends to explore the beautiful Lakes and the bustling market town of Keswick itself. If you want to climb a mountain, go sailing or simply sit in Fitz Park watching the world go by – it’s up to you.

Thanks for another great camping experience! It’s the main reason we come to the Keswick Convention, being at a Christian campsite and being next to our friends.

And uniquely, there is no need to register, or pay a fee to attend the Convention! Just book your accommodation and turn up!