Weeks available for 2018 are
Week 1 : 14-20 July  |  Week 2 : 21-27 July  |  Week 3 : 28 July-3 August

Charges for 2019 will not be finalised until after the planning meeting that is held in January 2019

Charges per person per week:



Prices include access to the toilets, the showers and the car park.

There are no electric hook ups available.

The campsite is able to provide limited Wi-Fi access. (30mb/s) shared by all campers.

No MEALS are provided. All campers should bring their own cooking facilities.

Battery charging and day visitor charges are listed below.

Bring your own tent, caravan or motorhome as appropriate.

There are no other costs to pay (apart from personal spending money for ice creams, coffees, water sports, etc).

Please read our Terms and Conditions

Overnight Day Visitors to an Existing Booked Group

The camp does NOT accept  independent day visitors

We only accept overnight visitors who wish to stay with an existing booked group. The original bookee is responsible for all of their visitors and their compliance with the campsite’s T&C’s. The originating bookee must make arrangements with the Booking Secretary for additional visitors to be accepted on site.

The visitors charges are as follows:

Day Visitor Adult Day Visitor £12.00
Day Visitor Student Day Visitor £5.00
Day Visitor Youth Day Visitor £5.00
Day Visitor Child Day Visitor £2.50
Day Visitor Infant (3 or Under) Day Visitor £0.00
Day Visitor (Dog) Day Visitor £1.00
Large accommodation unit per Night Accommodation £2.00
Small Accommodation unit per night Accommodation £1.00
Awning, Gazebo or Camping Extra Accommodation £1.00

Please contact the Booking Secretary in advance  to pre-book your visitors.

We only take FULL week bookings.

All contact details are on the Contact page.

Battery Charging

In 2018 the camp shall be providing Leisure Battery charging facilities for Sealed Leisure batteries. Batteries can be collected or deposited at the following designated times

  • Directly after the prayer meeting in the morning at approximately 9 AM
  • Directly after hot chocolate at approximately 10 PM,

No other times will be accepted. These are the Times when there will be designated Committee members in the marquee.

Please see the relevant weeks site manager to arrange for your batteries to be charged.

Campers will be requested to complete a “Battery Identity Form” in order to ensure that the correct battery is returned to the appropriate camper.

The camp is unable to guarantee the Security of any items deposited for charging due to the insecure nature of the marquee.

A charge of £5 per charge will be made as a contribution to the capital cost of equipment purchased by the camp.