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Keswick Convention Crosthwaite Campsite : Terms and Conditions 2019

These Terms and Conditions are intended to ensure that all enjoy a happy and safe stay at the Crosthwaite Campsite. All campers are asked to assent to them as a condition of staying on the site.

Booking Issues

Purpose of Camp : The camp is a temporary one set up solely to accommodate people attending the Keswick Convention.

Accommodation Units : A ‘unit’ is a tent, motor-home, or caravan with or without an awning. All units must be used for accommodation rather than storage, with the exception that Youth Groups may use one tent for storage.

Subletting of Units : Subletting , or substituting names other than those on the original booking form, is not allowed without the permission of the Booking Secretary.

Security : Responsibility for personal safety and for theft and damage to your personal possessions cannot be accepted by Keswick Convention Project Ltd., including, but without limitation, to your tent, caravan, car or motorhome.

Insurance : Your attendance at the Keswick Convention Crosthwaite Campsite is at your own risk. You and your party are recommended to have adequate insurance to cover personal injury, property and cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances.

Refunds : Refunds are are applicable on the following basis

Cancellations made 8 weeks or more prior to planned arrival date. Full refund

Cancellations made  Between 8 -4 weeks prior to arrival = 50% refund

Cancellations made Less than 4 weeks prior to arrival Zero Refund

Cancellations made as a result of exceptional circumstances shall be considered on a case by case basis

All Cancellations to be advised to, at the earliest practical opportunity

In the event of the cancellation of the camp due to unforeseen circumstances, such as heavy flooding or other Acts of God, it is not possible to offer refunds on any fees paid. It is recommended that campers take out their own insurance against such unlikely events.

The campsite is run by volunteers on a non-profit making basis, any surplus being given to the on-going work of the Keswick Convention.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anyway on the campsite.


Children and Vulnerable Adults : Keswick Ministries operates a policy for children and vulnerable adults, but this does not apply to this site. Therefore, parents and carers are solely responsibility for the well-being on site of children and others in their care.

Youth Groups : Unless attending as part of a family unit supervised by parents, young people aged 17 and under will be deemed to be attending as members of a Youth Group. In this case, they must be supervised on site by adult leaders aged 25 or over, with current DBS enhanced clearance. The ratio of DBS-cleared leaders to young people must be 1:6 or better, and must include both male and female leaders if the youth group is mixed. Before a booking can be confirmed, the DBS details of all leaders must be given to the Booking Secretary and a satisfactory reference obtained from the minister of the home Church. No alcohol or drugs (other than medically prescribed) are to be consumed on site by members of youth groups. Please see the following Link On Youth showers.CrosthwaiteCampaiteShoweringPolicy 2018 v3

Disabled Facilities : As this is a temporary campsite on farm fields, there are no dedicated facilities for the disabled. Please discuss individual cases with the Booking Secretary. There is NO  shuttle bus to the rawnsley site. this is to reduce traffic congestion in the town.

Illness : Any serious illness should be notified to the Site Manager. You may be asked to leave the site if it is considered that the illness is a hazard/danger to other campers.

First Aid Facilities : There are no first aid facilities on site. In the event of illness or injury please contact the local hospital or one of the medical practices in Keswick. You are recommended to purchase for you and for your group a basic first aid kit.

Site Facilities and Procedures    

The Nature of the Site : The site is agricultural land which is uneven in places, and is used for sheep grazing when the camp is not in operation. Suitable footwear should be worn at all times, and care should be taken when walking over the site, playing games and cycling. Since the site is not well lit, you are strongly advised to bring adequate torches and lamps for your family or group to use at night.

Temporary Toilets : Separate male and female portaloos are sited on the adjacent car park, with wash basins supplied with hot and cold water for personal washing only. Please do not use these for washing up after meals. There are no individual washing cubicles. Children under 5 yrs old must be accompanied to the toilets by a responsible older person. Toilet tents may be erected on pitches if desired, to supplement the portaloo facilities.

Chemical Toilets must be emptied at the designated disposal point, which is out of bounds to children.

Please see the Following Note with Respect to Safe Guarding and Toilets Crosthwaite Campsite Toilet Policy 2018 v2

Showers : There will be a portable shower block, based in the car park. This will comprise of individual cubicles; users will make one queue to use these facilities. Campers are requested to respect the needs of others and to keep usage time to a minimum. These will operate over all 3 weeks of camp.

By arrangement with Keswick School, single sex communal showering facilities will be available during weeks 2 and 3. Children under 11 yrs old must be accompanied to the showers by a responsible older person. In cases of necessity only, children aged under 5 years old may be taken by their parent into the shower room used by the opposite gender. Mobile phones are NOT permitted within the showers or the school buildings.

Please see the Following Note with Respect to Safe Guarding and Showers CrosthwaiteCampaiteShoweringPolicy 2018 v3

Marquee : A marquee is provided for prayer and fellowship meetings. It also houses an information board and facilities for mobile phone charging and freezing of ice packs. It may be used by individual groups by request to the Site Manager, and for wet weather play provided children are adequately supervised by responsible adults

Play Areas : It is considered safe for children to play in the central area of the field provided they are supervised by a responsible adult. Children must not be allowed to play in or near the toilets, the car park, the waste water pits, the school fields, any area of potential danger, or near the property of others which could be damaged.

Hours of Quiet : Quietness must be maintained between 11pm and 7am on the site, and nearby, in order to avoid disturbance to other campers, especially young children and local residents.

Fire Procedure : In the event of a fire, however small, shout “Fire!” . Evacuate the accommodation immediately, and if the fire is not suppressed quickly, and/or if there is a danger to personal health and injury, the fire brigade should be called (999). Fire buckets, supplied by the campsite, must be filled with water by campers, kept filled, and remain adjacent to each unit. You are strongly recommended to bring with you a small dry powder fire extinguisher.

Flooding : Since the fields lie on a flood plain, the campsite operates a flood evacuation policy . Details of procedures to adopt in the event of flooding are posted at the entrance gates to the fields and must be adhered to in the unlikely event that flooding occurs.

Fires and Barbecues : All barbecues, hot utensils and dishes must be well clear of the grass to prevent long term damage. Open fires, chimeneas and Chinese lanterns are not permitted on site, nor is the gathering of firewood or other combustible materials. Barbeques (gas or charcoal) must at all times be supervised by a responsible adult and must be fully extinguished before being left unattended.

Protection of the Grass : In order to protect the grass, tents with sewn-in ground sheets may be required to be moved at the end of each week. Help will be offered where required. Where ground sheets are moveable, these must be of the permeable eco-friendly variety.

Paragliders, parascenders, or any other variety of parachutists are not permitted to land on the campsite.

Freezer packs : A freezer is provided in the marquee, to be used for freezer packs only. Campers must label their own freezer packs, and limit the number they place in the freezer at any one time in the interests of fairness to all campers.

Disposal of Water : The disposal of waste water must be at the waste water pits provided on site.

Rubbish : Recyclable and non-recyclable waste should be separated and placed in the appropriate bins provided near the site entrance. Non-recyclable waste should be bagged in plastic or other non-spill bags before placing in the bins. Broken glass and other dangerous or sharp objects must be removed from the site and disposed of safely.


Dogs must be under strict control at all times, either on a leash, penned, or tethered. The maximum length of a dog’s leash should not exceed two metres and must be fixed securely so that the animal cannot break free. Those responsible for dogs are accountable for their behaviour at all times and for their humane welfare. Dogs should not be left in cars. They should be exercised well away from the camping areas, but not on the school fields (which are out of bounds).

Dog owners must remove any droppings in a non-porous receptacle and dispose of this safely. Dogs at the campsite must have all necessary current vaccinations and immunisations. If any animal causes injury to any human or other animal, the legal responsibility for its actions and any compensation claims are the sole responsibility of the owner or the individual responsible for the animal at the time of the incident.


Cycling is permitted on site, but care should be taken at all times and the 5mph speed limit observed. All cyclists are strongly advised to wear protective headgear in view of the uneven nature of the site. No cycling is permitted on the adjacent school fields

Motor Vehicles : Vehicles may only be driven on site by persons who are licensed to drive on the public highway. At no time should vehicles be parked so as to obstruct any of the access routes. A car park adjacent to the site is hired for the sole use of campers, and car parking permits will be issued. These should be displayed at all times, and returned on departure.

Cars may be parked on the fields at the discretion of the Site Manager, who will apply a “once off, stay off” rule during wet weather. Movement of vehicles on and off the fields must be kept to a minimum to avoid damage to the field’s surface, and for safety reasons. Motor caravans are admitted, but once sited should not be moved, and only moved on and off the field in the case of an emergency.

The speed limit on the site and adjacent lanes is 5 miles per hour and will be strictly enforced. For the protection of the fields, onsite repairs of vehicles should not be undertaken (other than immediate emergency repairs) without the consent of the Site Manager.

General Site Safety

  • You are reminded that the site is comprised of agricultural land, normally grazed by animals. Animal droppings may be found on the ground. Do not remove these by hand. Use an implement to remove any unwanted animal faeces. You are advised that footwear should be used while walking across the ground and this should be removed before entering accommodation areas.
  • The risk of encountering ticks is deemed to be no greater than elsewhere in the locality. Advice on recognising ticks and how to remove them is posted on the site noticeboard and in the toilets. You are advised to reduce the risk of insect bites and tick attachment by wearing socks and closed footwear on site.
  • Obvious risks include barbed wire fences. Do not attempt to climb over these as they can cause personal injury or damage to clothing and damage to the fence itself. Use only designated access points to the site.
  • There are water troughs on the field. These will be covered before the start of the camp and will remain so for the duration. Do not approach or interfere in any way with these water troughs and please notify a committee member or Site Manager if they should become uncovered.
  • Thistles, nettles and other plants capable of causing injury may be encountered on site. Please avoid these.
  • Some areas on site (such as farm buildings , areas containing agricultural implements, areas under trees, and private allotments) are strictly out of bounds and will be taped off using safety tape. Entering these areas is expressly forbidden.
  • Within the marquee, the screened-off storage area is strictly out of bounds to all campers other than Committee Members.
  • The camp site and its facilities, together with the school facilities, must be preserved in good condition. Please ensure that good care is taken of the fields, together with all equipment and facilities provided for camp use, and that all rubbish is cleared and disposed of appropriately before you leave.

Site Manager and Committee Members : Please get acquainted with the Site Manager and camp staff, who will be pleased to assist you if there are any problems. They will have badges to help you identify them.

Keswick Convention Project Limited is committed to ensuring that all campers have a safe, healthy and happy time on the campsite, and conducts routine health & safety monitoring to this end. However, neither Keswick Convention Project Ltd, its Directors, nor members of the Camp Management Committee can accept any liability for any claims, costs, actions or demands arising out of your use of the site. 

Updated February 2020

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