Camp Booking 2019


Christian self Catering Camping for the duration of Keswick convention

We had a brilliant time. The time just goes toooo quick!! It’s heavenly being with likeminded people.

  • Bring a tent, a Cooker, and all your food
  • Drinking water to Field Stand pipes, portable showers and toilets provided by the camp and also Communal Showers
  • Camp in amazing Scenery on sheep fields (and yes the sheep sometimes do get in!)
  • Free Fellowship, and Loads of Banter
  • (Disabled facilities are very limited due to the the camp site being sheep fields)


Who are you?

Select YOUTH if you are bring a regulated youth group to camp. You will be required to supply the following prior to your arrival at camp:

  • A list of the youth leaders along with an DBR check for all of the youth leaders. The DBR will need to be valid for both your organisation and the duration of the camp.
  • Confirm that you will meet a minimum ration of 1 leader to 8 youth members.
  • Ensure that the gender ratio reflects the Gender ratio of youth attendees.

The above does not apply if your group is a Family group.

When are you coming?

You are able to book multiple weeks. Please complete each weeks booking, one at a time.

It is fine for there to be different attendees for each week.

At check out you will pay for all the weeks that you have booked.

Who's coming?

Youth groups can upload a spreadsheet of campers after booking.

At this stage, please just enter one adult leader, and an estimate of the number of campers so we can allocate space and give you an approximate price.

If you know your list of campers, you can enter them here now, but this is not needed.

If you know the complete list of campers, please clear the estimate box.

Add Person

Please add all the People that are coming for the relevant week. If you are not sure of the exact numbers, we suggest that you book the minimum numbers.

You will need to include all people in your anticipated booking.

You will be able to amend your booking from April by returning to this booking

These will be added to the named individuals above.

Please confirm your Home church.
This camp exists to provide accommodation for the Keswick Convention, so it is a requirement of booking that you are attending the Keswick Convention.
Good dogs are welcome. Always on a short lead (2m max) when on the camp and dogs must not go on the school fields.

What are you sleeping in?

Add accommodation

Please add ALL accommodation units that you intend to bring.

Many people bring more than 1 accommodation unit. It is essential for space planning that to add and select all the units and select the correct size. Incorrect unit sizes may cause problems on arrival, and with pitch allocation.

Oversized units may not fit on your allocated pitch

What are you driving?

Add vehicles
Please add all the vehicles that you intend to bring. These vehicles can be changed prior to, or at your arrival.

Anything else?

If you have a Blue Badge, please outline any mobility needs that you may have.

We shall try and respect your needs. We may contact you for further details at the time of pitch allocation.

Specific requests will be respected but we cannot guarantee that all requests can be accommodated.

Please enter ...

If you've got your friend's PartyID, then enter it below. If not, then you can edit you booking later and add it, or we'll give you your PartyID after booking which you can share with them.

If you would like to be located near a friend, please enter their PartyID here. If you don't know their PartyID, you can edit your booking later to add it. If you're leading the party, leave it blank.

How much are you paying now?

Price: ? or deposit of ?
A full Confirmation email shall be sent to you after completing your booking. This shall summarise all of the bookings that you have made, along with a balance of payments, and when these need to be made by.